• Eco Friendly
  • Used No Chemicals
  • Maintenance free
  • 5 Year Ltd, Warranty

Drinking Water Conditioner for Poultry

Aqua Softzone Water Conditioner, Installed in-line on the main line or a secondary water delivery line from your well or municipal water system, can deliver conditioned water to any part of your entire poultry facility.

  • Standard sizes range from ¾” to 4” with stainless steel construction.
  • Minimum flow rates should be no less and 15% of the maximum flow rate for each size unit.
  • Addition of chemicals may affect the use of the Aqua Soft Conditioner.
  • Chicks watered with converter water grew larger, with an increase in the meat to fat ratio, and reduced mortality rates.
  • Increase in egg production.
  • It supports the growth and development of the bone structure in chickens and improves blood morphology.
  • Premature death rates will be decreased by 2 to 3 times.
  • Scale build up is reduced allowing for better water flow allowing nozzles and values.
  • As calcium is given in the feed for the bird our converter balances the calcium in the water.
  • Reduces algae and bacterial build up.
  • Improves nutrient intake.
  • Keeps (p.H) stability in water.
  • Prevents scale formation on cooling blades for climate control rearing of birds.
  • Each unit comes with our 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.