Catalytic water conditioner


Applications of the Aquasoftzone Catalytic Water Conditioner

  • Prevents and eliminates hard water scale and corrosion on all water related equipment from Pivot Systems to drip lines, emitters, sprinkler heads, irrigation pumps and water lines.Improves percolation and eliminates standing water in your fields by breaking up compacted soil layers. Soil profiles are improved. Water use is reduced as much as 20% or more along with reduced pumping and water delivery costs.
  • Reduced Fuel or Electrical costs by reducing water usage.
  • Improve pump efficiency by providing “wetter” water through piping system.
  • In soils with high chloride concentrations plants have difficulty growing. The Ecoflow treats this condition by pushing the chloride loads deeper into the soil layers allowing the plants to thrive in a more suitable environment. Increases fine root growth which improves the plants intake of water and nutrients therefore providing healthier plants.
  • Reduces heat stress on plants.
  • Plants and seeds germinate sooner and more completely.
  • The need for gypsum and acid is reduced or eliminated.
  • With better nutrient intake the need for fertilizers are reduced.
  • Dissolves impurities within the soil with each irrigation.
  • Hard water spotting and overall maintenance to walls, walkways, fences, farm equipment or any other surface that comes into water contact, is reduced. (Iron staining may require specialized filtration)
  • Helps control and reduce algae growth in water retention areas i.e. lagoons or water tanks. Increase savings in labor, equipment replacement and repair costs.
  • Through continual testing and research we are discovering new applications for the Ecoflow Catalytic Water Conditioner.

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