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Introduction Methods:

Aquasoftzone is generated by electrolysis of a dilute NaCl solution passing through an electrolytic cell. This process is known

as Electrical Chemical Activation, or ECA technology. ECA technology is based on Faraday’s laws of electrolysis,

and was further developed by Russian scientists to combat biological contamination.

Aquasoftzone Technology involves the electrolysis of molten salts. It utilizes electrolytic cells encompassing an anode

chamber separated from the cathode chamber by a unidirectional ionic ceramic diaphragm (semi-porous membrane).

The electrolytic cell allows migration and separation of ions through a high rejection membrane and substantially

limits the production of gaseous chlorine (Cl2). By passing an electrical current through the solution, an

electrochemical or oxidation-reduction (Redox) process occurs, generating a number of oxidized species.An ECA electrolysis process is one in which positive and negative electrodes are submerged in a solute containing positive and negative ions.

During this process, two separate streams of activated water are produced:

Anolyte and Catholyte. Positive ions (cations) are drawn towards the electronrich negative cathode, where they receive electrons, forming Catholyte, a negatively charged antioxidant solution. At the positive anode, negative ions (anions) are attracted, which give up their additional electrons to the electrondepleted anode to form Anolyte, a positively charged oxidant solution.

The cathode area produces alkaline (high pH) reducing water. The anode area produces acidic (low pH) oxidizing water. In the generation of NEW, part of the negatively charged antioxidant solution formed at the cathode is channeled back into the anode chamber to produce more Anolyte, thus increasing the content of Hypochlorite ions, OCl, one of the active biocidal substances in NEW. By reintroducing the alkaline water back into the acidic water, any pH level up to neutral 7.0 can be created. This solution is called NEW. NEW is an oxidizing agent due to a mixture of free radicals present in the solution, and has an antimicrobial effect.

Benefits of NEW

Aquasoftzone is revolutionizing sanitization and disinfections in the food industry. Not only does this product provide an organic ‘Green’ solution to help protect the nation’s food supply,

  • Aquasoftzone is generated on demand and applied where required to eliminate the logistical concerns of purchasing, transporting, storing, preparing and using traditional chemical applications.

The elimination of hazardous chemicals translates into reductions in regulatory paperwork, safety

  • training requirements, safety inspections, and liability exposure

  • The solution is less corrosive than alternate products

  • Reduces the frequency of cleaning within a facility

Aquasoftzone has been demonstrated to be up to 80 to 200 times more effective than sodium Hypochlorite, Extensive tests have shown that the solution has the power to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and microbial toxins

  • More effective than alternate sanitation chemicals

  • Allows for the marketability of a “clean” & “Green” facility

  • Completely safe, non-harmful, green product using only natural ingredients

  •  More effective sanitization than Chlorine alone

  • Aquasoftzone is cost effective due to the fact that many more deliveries of bulk chemicals are required for the same chlorine equivalent generated by a single delivery of salt, a fact that becomes even more critical as fuel costs rise.

  • Eliminates the need for expensive and potentially toxic chemicals

  • Decreases labor requirements and costs

  • Reduce microorganisms in foods including fish, fresh vegetables, poultry and meat

  • Increase shelf life of treated products

  • Disinfect food processing areas

  • Reduce the risk of consumer health concerns

  • The only elements introduced into the system are water, salt and electricity, and are all safe and environmentally friendly.

  • Satisfies the demand for implementing safer and more natural food products.                                                                                                                Study: Biofilm Removal from Surfaces

A study was performed to research the removal of mature biofilm by application of electrochemically-activated water.

Study: Biofilms Removal from Tubing

A study was performed to demonstrate the removal of biofilm from 12-year-old tubing from the return line of a boat.

The original piece of tubing was cut in half, and each half was placed in either H2O or freshly generated NEW(HOCl).

The pieces of tubing were allowed to incubate at room temperature for one hour. Results show complete removal of biofilm for the portion of tubing soaked in NEW. This proves that NEW can safely and effectively be used to remove biofilm from lines in any industrial application, instead of using dangerous chemicals, which may leave behind toxic residuals.

Microorganisms: Aquasoftzone has a strong bactericidal effect on most known pathogenic bacteria due to its high oxidation-reduction potential (ORP > 800 mV). This non-toxic oxidized antimicrobial solution capable of killing many pathogens in less than a minute. Since Aquasoftzone consists of both HOCl and OCl-, it is believed that the bactericidal action exhibited is due to the combination of these substances. Based on various bactericidal, fungicidal and Sporicidal testing performed to date;

Aquasoftzone has proven to be a high-level disinfectant, substantially reducing pathogens without the use of costly toxic chemicals. Destruction of most vegetative cells of bacteria, molds, and parasites is usually not difficult because they are sensitive to heat and chemicals.


Applications of NEW


Food Industry: Pathogenic and spoilage organisms may be present in and on foods, but only a few of these are a serious health concern because of their ability to cause human illness Food safety is ensured largely, but not exclusively, by controlling the presence and growth of pathogenic organisms

in and on foods. Numerous cleaning compounds and processes have been developed to remove and destroy bacteria, viruses, and parasites from equipment and surfaces in food processing plants and from fresh produce and animal carcasses. It is a significant challenge to maintain a clean environment in food processing plants. Antimicrobial compounds are used to eliminate or limit the growth of pathogens in foods, but these are typically costly toxic chemicals.


  • Very effective control of target bacteria, even at elevated pH values

  • Equally effective in direct contact or clean in place (CIP) applications


Poultry Industry: Care of Chickens

Many applications have been identified for Aquasoftzone in poultry house sanitization. The use of Aquasoftzone can result in:

  •  Enhanced fodder assimilation

  •  Improved weight gain

  •  Increased vitality

  •  Decreased mortality rates

  •  Decreased incidence of avian influenza

  •  Improved pest control on feathers (lice)

  •  Reduced need for antibiotics

  •  Suppressed disease transfer by spraying or soaking fecal piles

This proven technology is already being successfully used in USA, Europe and Canada, and is helping to protect the health of chickens by dosing their drinking water to remove biofilm and kill bacteria, misting or fogging the airspace in their living quarters, cleaning tools and equipment, and sanitizing the surfaces of living spaces (floors, walls).

Egg Production: In the egg processing facility, Aquasoftzone can effectively be used to sanitize surfaces, egg grading and packing equipment, as well as the eggs themselves. Eggs can be sprayed with Aquasoftzone to disinfect their surfaces, effectively decreasing the risk of a potential food borne outbreaks without adding costly toxic chemicals to the semi-permeable surface of the egg.

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