Remote Switch


  • Wireless Controller communication devices are designed and manufactured by Aquasoftzone, India, use fully legal and license free frequency band - 865MHz-867MHz. Competitors use wireless modules from China which are illegal to use in   India

  • Robust wireless strength giving longer range in open areas as well in heavily built areas.

  • In­built signal strength measuring feature in every unit. Facilitates easy installation for the technician. Unique feature. (Similar to mobile phone signal strength bars).

  • By default dry run protection is included. (L&T sells dry run preventer for INR 1300).

  • No wiring is required for power at the tank sensor unit.

  • SS316 metal sensors for high durability in harsh saline water conditions.

  • 4000V isolation in electrical circuit for protection from external disturbances. Eg: Lightnings etc. Ensures superior longevity.

  • Works with all kinds of motors and starters. 3­Phase, 1­Phase, submersible, monoblock, with or without starter panels.                                                                                                                                                      

  • In addition to above advantages, there is no wiring required between tank and motor.

Product Type

ORP System




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